Seriously Silly but Still Sacred

Do you ever wonder how many blogs are actually out there? Think of any topic and you can find a blog. Horse training, child rearing, cooking, shoe shining – well, maybe not shoe shining.

And theological blogs? There are some that are downright fabulous. They’re inspirational and educational. So, why create another one for clergy? Because there are some days when we just don’t feel inspirational, educational, or even a wee, bit holy.  Sometimes we’re tired. Sometimes we’re grumpy. Sometimes we think church people are pains in the you-know-what. But we plaster on our smiles and we gear up our energy levels and we keep trudging our way through those church doors. Not just for the paychecks, but because God created us to be those people who keep on trudging through those church doors. God created us to be those people who keep on loving those crazy church folks. Through thick and thin. Good days and crappy.

So, this is a place for us. There’s a Facebook page, too. You can vent here. You can laugh here. You can breathe one, big, massive sigh of relief here.

Because this is sacred space. For seriously silly but still sacred people whose souls sometimes seek solace.

Always seeking peace & justice,



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