Yard Sign Wars

I swore I would not add to the yard sign clutter of the political season. I even turned away a nice young man who came to our door, asking to “plant” a sign in our yard.

I broke my vow. The addition to my front lawn was a pretty sign. I loved it. It had attractive lettering, a pretty, multi-colored logo, and lovely, green design.

But, primarily, I loved my sign because of its message. The sign told passersby that as a person of faith, I approve Referendum 74 and marriage equality. It let my neighbors know that I believe in civil rights and justice for everyone. It’s a message I’d like all my neighbors to see when they pass by my house. It’s a message that had a lot of them smiling, waving or calling nice greetings as they passed by.

This afternoon, one of my neighbors came over, knocked on my front door, and asked, “Did you give someone permission to remove your marriage equality sign?”

You might think, as did I, that was a strange question. My neighbor thought it was a strange thing that a teenage girl had run down the sidewalk, ripped my beautiful sign out of my yard, carried it back up the sidewalk, jumped into a waiting, white car, and sped away. With my lovely sign.

Really? Was that necessary?

A plague on both your houses… the teenage girl and the driver of the car, that is.

Or, perhaps, they just really loved my sign and gave it a good home. In one of their pretty, little yards. Where they can declare justice and equality for all.


And maybe I need a new plan. Daughter and have been scheming, um, I mean coming up with a way to continue the work of peace and justice and the way of civil rights for all people…


Making peace & justice in our own way,

Tamalyn & Darling Daughter


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