Breathe in the Peace

When a Newfie says sit, you sit.

When a Newfie says sit, you sit!

We have a large beast in our home. He doesn’t seem to know that he is a large beast – or perhaps he does. He is large and loud and rambunctious and sometimes even a bit aggressive. It’s an unusual things for a Newfoundland to be aggressive, but our Mo is a tad on the unusual side. Still, we love the wee, uh large, beastie.

And, despite his occasional aggressive behavior, the true Newfoundland nature comes out when we least expect it.

When our grandson was born, the gentle side of Mo was born, as well. His protective nature blossomed. And when Benjamin is in the house, Mo watches over him with the devotion that J.M. Barrie knew well when he wrote of the Darling children’s dog Nana.

There is something else that Mo knows. He knows the importance of being still. While the world is turning, turning, while we are running, running, Mo stops us in our tracks. All Newfie owners will know the tendency of these dogs to not only appear suddenly and silently beside them, but to be instantaneously planted completely flat on the floor behind them.

Mo likes to be beside by us. Mo likes to sit with us. Mo likes to sit on us. Mo wants to be connected at all times.

Trying to walk across the room? Good luck when there’s a Newf rump settled on your feet.

Trying to stand up? Pray tell, how do you do that when a Newf has a giant head resting in your lap?

Owning Mo, living with Mo, is a constant reminder to stop. Be still. To breathe in the peaceful moments that life has to offer. Because, when a Newfoundland says sit, you sit!

May we all find reminders to be still and know. Know God. Know peace. Know all that is good.


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