Why I Will Never Be Politically Correct (Again!)

Getting rid of political correctness and returning to basic, human decency

I will admit that they had me. For a little while, at least. With their political correctness and the need to say and do everything in just the proper manner. Say this, but not that. Never, ever do this. Always do this, instead.

Yes, I listened intently. And then I stopped. And I really listened. And I watched. And I began to I notice that something ugly was taking place throughout our world.

We were forgetting ourselves.

In a world in which some people were striving for political correctness and others were bristling at the “demand” to do so, we were glaring and pointing fingers and each side was determining that “I’m right and you’re wrong.” Because, when there are politics, when there is correctness, there are sides and there is right and wrong. There is black and white. There is no grey.

But, we live in a world of grey. And we live in a world full of human beings with human needs and human feelings.

So, while we’ve been so busy with our political correctness, and the controversy that came with it, we’ve forgotten basic human decency. We’ve forgotten that with human decency comes respect and kindness and compassion. We’ve forgotten that people have feelings and with feelings there is no right or wrong. There just is.

And, when there are people, we must resort to listening. And truly hearing. And truly caring. And actually trying to work things out together for the betterment of all of us. So that feelings aren’t tromped on and people aren’t damaged and society improves. With all of us working together.

Instead of us butting heads, antlers crashing together and locking in place, we can join hands, hearts, purposes.

The whole concept of being “politically correct” has not served us well. It’s time to just chuck it. It’s time to remember the manners our grandparents learned at the knees of their grandparents. It’s time to remember our pleases and thank yous and what it’s like to extend common courtesy to one another. Just because we’re all in this together. Come hell or high water, we’re all in this together.

So, whether you call me a woman, a lady, or a white girl, I don’t care. Just don’t shove me out of the lifeboat when it comes my way.


2 thoughts on “Why I Will Never Be Politically Correct (Again!)

  1. The first thing to disappear when ‘political correctness’ came on the scene was truth. With the loss of truth we lost our ability to be kind and do justice because to do so isn’t always PC. I;’m with you I no longer will abide by the PC way of doing things, truth, kindness, justice is a better way to live. Thanks Tam for a well written statement

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