Making a Choice

washington-state-voter-registration-formI’m not voting blue no matter who. I thought I was. Then, I thought a bit more.

I don’t just vote the party line because I’m stubborn. I don’t just vote Democrat because I’m a died in the wool Democrat. I still listen to the candidates, pay attention to how they vote, watch how they interact with people. I still study the issues and vote for the person I think will best represent, not only the American people, but the world beyond. Because the person who sits in that oval office has a lot of power. And that both inspires and frightens me. I want to be able to trust that person. So I weigh my vote carefully.

Many years ago, I grew tired of the two party system. I decided that I would rebel against it. I would send a message to Washington. That other Washington. Not the one first I moved to when I was 13 months old, but the big, powerful one where big, powerful people live.

And, so, I voted for an independent. And not one, single, big, powerful person in that big, powerful Washington noticed my vote.

Or, did they?

All of us who rebelled against the two-party system helped a man who was good and 626380_600honest and had great integrity lose his place in the White House. And we helped elect a man whose political beliefs and actions we did not care for, a man whose presence in Washington would have a significant impact on our nation and the world.

This election, I am listening to the candidates. I am taking their words very seriously. I am listening to what they say to us, to our children, to the world around us. I am paying attention the the choices they have made in their lives and the goals they are setting for the future. I am determining whom I believe will best serve all of us.

Am I considering their personalities? Of course. I would imagine most of us have our own understanding of what is required of a great president. Hopefully, our lists include intelligence, wisdom, compassion, and reason. But, there are other important characteristics to look for, such as those found in Mike Myatt’s article about John Adams.

There seems to be a lot of anger, this election season. And a lot of venom being spewed this way and that. One thing we might remember, however, the perfect candidate does not now, and never has existed. Therefore, as always, we should look at the issues, look at where the candidates stand on those issues, put our personal “issues” aside, and choose the best candidate for the job.

votePersonally, I am choosing someone I have long believed in; someone who has, alas, proven to be just horribly human, making human mistakes and misjudgments. But, overall, I’m trusting her to do the job I believe she can do. And I will cast my vote faithfully, joyfully, gratefully. Because voting is my privilege, my right, and my responsibility. Because people of faith should consider voting to be a sacred duty.

These are but a few of the messages I want the people in both Washingtons, and maybe a few spots in between, to get from me.

Now, make your choice and make it a good one!


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