For the irreverent reverends among us…

Some clergy have piety radiating around them like halos above the Virgin Mary. The rest of us? Inappropriate thoughts pop into our heads. Our feet fit nicely in our mouths. And we giggle at the most inopportune moments. But our hearts belong to God and God’s people. Our spirits constantly seek the Spirit. And our days are given to the pursuit of bringing God’s justice and peace into this world.

This site is created for THAT kind of clergy by Tamalyn Kralman, an ordained pastor with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Rev. Kralman received her B.S. in Biblical Studies from Northwest Christian University in Eugene, OR and her Master of Arts in Religious Education from Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, CA. While there, she also completed extra coursework for a Master of Divinity equivalency in order to be ordained.

Rev. Kralman has served churches in Washington, Oregon, California, and Montana. She is a writer and a speaker, having written curriculum, poetry, worship liturgies, and hymns, some of which are included on this site. She has led workshops and served as keynote speaker for church conferences and women’s retreats on subjects such as “Hannah and Her Sisters: Women in the Bible,” “Howard Be Thy Name: Teaching Children to Pray,” “Breathing is Overrated: Managing Stress in a Stressful World,” and “A Giggle a Day: A Look at Faith and Humor.”

Kralman and her spouse, Rev. Gary Shoemaker, are currently serving a church in Bellingham, WA. They have been married for 36 years and are the parents of two grown children, a son and a daughter. They are also the very happy and doting grandparents of three perfect and beautiful grandsons.


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