For the Kids

Several years ago, as a good friend and I were discussing a few difficult biblical passages and the difficulty in teaching them to children, she moaned, “The Bible is NOT for kids!” With those words reverberating in my head, I have endeavored to take the weekly gospel lesson and create a child friendly version. As many generations before us have learned, and as my friend Caryn so bluntly stated, all too many of the scriptures given to us by the Revised Common Lectionary, each week, are not family friendly. And yet, there they are. They’re in our Sunday School materials. They’re in our worship services. They’re in our children’s bulletins. And, if we expect these children to grow and mature in their faith, to understand Jesus and the God who sent him, we must deal with these passages.

“For the Kids” are the weekly lectionary gospel lessons in kid form. You may note that they do not deal with every aspect of each scripture. Instead, they serve as an introduction to some of the more complex issues, some important topics, and to the life and teachings of Jesus. (We also find that grown-ups like them, too!)

Click here for this week’s story.


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