A Beautiful Beginning

 Many words will be written about the events of this week. It has been a week of emotions, a week of change, a week that will make historians take notice.

As we watched Confederate flags being removed from prominent places and heard eminent people speaking carefully, eloquently about history and tradition being mingled with deep seated hatred and pain, we have learned a new way to hear one another. As we watched the Supreme Court Justices vote favorably on the Affordable Care Act, we learned a new way of hope, knowing that many who have been denied health care will receive it, many who have just found it, will not lose it. As we listened to those same Justices debate over marriage equality and finally, once and for all, determine that marriage is a constitutional right guaranteed to all, we have learned a new way of hope and that love does win. As we heard the grieving family members of nine people whose lives were torn down by hatred and racism offer forgiveness to the murderer, we learned a new way of forgiveness and compassion. As we watched the President of the United States of America giving a eulogy for a pastor, as we listened to him lead a congregation, indeed a nation, in the singing of a beloved hymn, we learned a new way of grace. Continue reading


Yard Sign Wars

I swore I would not add to the yard sign clutter of the political season. I even turned away a nice young man who came to our door, asking to “plant” a sign in our yard.

I broke my vow. The addition to my front lawn was a pretty sign. I loved it. It had attractive lettering, a pretty, multi-colored logo, and lovely, green design. Continue reading