Why I Will Never Be Politically Correct (Again!)

Getting rid of political correctness and returning to basic, human decency

I will admit that they had me. For a little while, at least. With their political correctness and the need to say and do everything in just the proper manner. Say this, but not that. Never, ever do this. Always do this, instead.

Yes, I listened intently. And then I stopped. And I really listened. And I watched. And I began to I notice that something ugly was taking place throughout our world. Continue reading


On Playing Nice



I’m not a nice person. I came to this realization many years ago when I was making observations on certain fellow human beings and my husband was smiling, nodding, humoring me, and then explaining why those poor people were the way they were. I came to the realization as I attended funeral after funeral, heard the words, “She never had an unkind word to say about anyone,” spoken about the deceased and realized those words would NEVER be said about me. I came to the realization when I realized that I am snide, sarcastic, and rude thoughts are rarely far from my mind. Continue reading