Easter Sunrise

Easter Early Morning Worship, 2011

This is a brief, interactive service used by the people of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Bellingham, WA, April 24, 2011, at the home of Bob and Marian Crim, overlooking Chuckanut Bay.



Song      “I am the Resurrection”


Reader One:  Come with us to the tomb

All:   Doubts, pains, fears need not be left behind

   For in this place, we find resolve,

   We find healing

   We find strength

Reader Two:  Come with us to the tomb

All:   Come to the place where many have come before

   For in this place, others have found faith,

   Wonder, inspiration

   There is much to be found in this place

Reader Three: Come with us to the tomb

All:   Where faith can be discovered,

   Restored, rekindled, strengthened

   Where God touches souls

   Where we can reach God

Reader Four: Come with us to the tomb

All:   As the women came to tend friend, son, beloved

   As they brought gifts for burial,

   We bring our gifts for life

   Gifts for the healing of God’s people

Reader Five:  Come with us to the tomb

All:   As the angel came bearing the news

   We open our hearts to hear God’s messages

   God speak to us still

   Your Word lives within and around us

Reader Six:   Come with us to the tomb

All:   For a stranger stands in the garden

  He stands, waiting to be recognized

  We open our eyes to his presence

  Hallelujah! Christ is risen!

Song “Hosanna, Jesus Died and Rose Again”

Communion Prayer (unison)

Living God, for forty days the risen Christ appeared to the disciples long ago: on the quiet trail, in the upper room, by the shore in early morning. By your Holy Spirit may Christ now appear to us in this place; in the peace of this moment, in the presence of friend and loved one, in broken bread and poured out wine.

Sharing the Communion Elements

(As the Bread is passed, tear off a piece and hold it in silence. As you offer the Cup, in which your neighbor will dip their Bread, say, “He is risen.” They will respond, “He is risen, indeed.”)


Leader: We have been to the tomb. We came to tend to the dead. We brought with us our spiced ointments and cloths. We brought our grief and our heavy hearts. And lo, a surprise awaited us.

All: We leave this place with hearts and heads lifted high. Our joy is immense, our hope is renewed. Jesus is alive. Death is defeated. Let the bells peal. Let laughter ring out. Let our smiles shine brilliantly. Hosanna! It is Easter!

© Tamalyn L. Kralman, 2011


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