All God’s Creatures, Great and Small
(Tune: W ZLOBIE LEZY, Infant Holy, Infant Lowly)

Wagging tails, dancing whales,
playful kittens bring delight;
Gray wolf howls, small pup growls,
and the eagle takes to flight;

New chicks wiggle, crawdads squiggle,
tadpoles jiggle, children giggle,
then the whole world feels right.
Yes! The whole world feels right.

Sleek crows cawing, big dogs gnawing,
cows are lowing in the trees.
Young goats leaping, insects creeping,
Orcas playing in the seas.

Lions roaring, flickers boring,
hippos snoring, eagles soaring.
Butterflies float on the breeze.
Softly floating on the breeze.

Black bats sleeping, shy lambs bleating,
Bison calf hears mother’s call.
Piglets rooting, raccoons looting,
Giraffes standing strong and tall;

Kangaroos hop, seals flip-flop,
Skunks! Oh, please STOP!
All God’s creatures great and small,
we shall tend them, one and all.                                                                                                                     © Tamalyn L. Kralman


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